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It's all just cycles! | 3-week report 157-159

22 Sep 2019 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to yet another delayed weekly report. This time, it’s 3-in-1!

September’s first week was intense as we launched our private beta to a bunch of users. It was the culmination of 6 weeks of work, and taught us quite a lot in terms of our engineering efforts. It forced us to relook at our product, and plan better for the upcoming quarter. i spent the whole of last week in Bangalore working on the hiring front - we went really hard on our calendars, and also tried to cram in product planning sessions in between.

i’m slowly getting better at handling the non-technical sides of things – hiring, management, planning. We also did quite a few co-working office trips to decide on the perfect one for our team, this whole Bangalore trip was a bunch of Ola Auto rides with interviews scheduled in the middle!

i visited a bunch of friends over the evenings in BLR, and also sneaked in a couple tennis sessions! Going along the same roads & lake trails took me back to 2017-18, nostalgia gets to me sometimes. Spent quite a few days around MG Road, visited Blossoms three times & bought a whole bunch of books! My book stack is just being pushed, no pops :/

Sitting and talking with friends made me realize how carefree my life used to be. I saw Tim Ferris’ post on IG recently, which quoted Robert Heinlein – “You can have Peace. Or you can have freedom. Don’t ever count on having both at once.” That is so true. Pursuing freedom.

On the fitness front, September has been difficult so far. Have managed to cram in 5 runs, 1 workout and 2 tennis sessions so far - gotta change it from this week. I can see the visible differences in muscle loss because of the reduced frequency of my gym sessions, shouldn’t let go of a good habit.

Tough three weeks behind us, lots to do. Keep hammerin’


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