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i don't want to title blogs anymore | Report 282

06 Sep 2022 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #bengaluru #fitness

Welcome to 282, another two-week report!

Titling blogs gets difficult, especially for two-week reports. Labels are no fun, and i need minimum friction to get these blogs out. Creativity is not what i’m going after here.

Done > Perfect. Now that i think about it, that could’ve been the title!

Work’s been intense, got a fresh data POC up & running – loved seeing the product be used in the user’s hands! Had a couple early mornings, a couple late nights, and quite a few handwritten notes on the brand new ipad. Balancing the nature of work b/w APIs, data deepdives, product post-mortems and exercises in imagination.

It’s a lot of fun doing user interviews and listening to people’s day-to-day, pumps me up with energy. Sodhi used to say why podcasting is such a great medium to dive into people’s lives because of the directed nature of conversations – user interviews are no different.

Since it’s Ganesh Chaturthi, i headed home to Bombay for this weekend and met so many families over the evening aarti. So many stories, so many people and their intermingled lives with ours, really helps me get a sense of the centre-of-the-universe syndrome. Met an 84-year old uncle after very long – he drives his car around, has a 5K daily “steps” goal and is more cheerful than most of us. So much for being on the wrong side of 25.

Had fun conversations with Mom & Dad about life, cycled around the colony and put in a couple runs around the old school and Western Sector - fun!

Been thinking about the compounding of abstractions, and how disciplined execution in the right places often leads to outsized retuns one fine day – and we don’t even realize what happened. Our team worked on a problem statement for two weeks, which then materialized to value to the customer within 2 days.

3 years of studying data science systems. 4 years of backend dev. 5 years of running. 6 years of this blog. Need to trust the process, and introspect what i’m doing right now that will be added to this list 7 years later.

Fitness log:

  • Week 1: 2 runs, 2 gym workouts, 1 sauna session, 1 bjj class, 2 involuntary rest days
  • Week 2: 3 runs, 1 gym workout, 1 bjj class, 2 involuntary rest days

Not a lot of bike rides because of rains playing spoilsport, cab rides are not fun at all. No factor, doesn’t matter. Keep hammering.


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