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It's been a minute | Dec-Jan update | Report 308

21 Jan 2024 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 308!

Writing this from a 100-year old house-turned cafe in Bengaluru, apt place to write what seems like a historical report. i haven’t penned down a blog in the last 50 days, and i’m actually excited to spill all that’s happening on this blank screen!

Work has been really fun off-late, as we pressed the pedal across all fronts moving into fifth gear. Channelling Neistat’s adage, we’re doing more across GTM, engg, building our team, and that meant i needed to scale myself out of day-to-day execution. The last two months have been a bold phase, and we intend to play on that front foot from here onwards.

Took some time off in the last week of December, as i flew to London to meet Anukshi and Gyani! Experienced the lights and beauty of the English Christmas and welcomed the New Years with family/friends. Explored the Christmas markets, ran along the Thames, ice-skated in Winter Wonderland, and had way too much hot chocolate. Spent the early winter mornings reflecting on the year(s) that passed by, and planning for the leap year ahead!

This year’s theme is leverage. While chasing an armbar in jiujitsu, it’s so important where we hinge and where we pull. i’ll be chasing leverage in everything i do this year, achieving it with whatever means needed. Leverage kills!

Meeting Anukshi after 4 months made me realize why i love her so much! Something about being together that gives me a lot of fulfillment and happiness. Despite the fact that there’ll be days that would be hard and we might not feel the best towards each other, we always come back together with renewed love. That seems to be the case with anything humans attach passion and emotions to. Experiencing the full range of emotions requires courage to lean in, but soon i realize how privileged i am to feel what i feel. we’ll meet again soon, and i’m counting down the days :))

2024 has started off well. Found myself enjoying my new morning routine, where i start off the day with a workout with my new trainer at my new gym. Separately, i’m also starting an engagement with a Founder Coach with the intent of growing myself into the founder role that i need to. Excited about how these experiences pan out, becoming better than yesterday, one day at a time!

Keep hammerin’


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