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A month later! | Report 301

04 Jun 2023 . category: blog . Comments
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Welcome to 301, back on the blog after a month and makes me realize how good of a ritual this is!

Work has been really fun over the last month, as we collectively focused singularly towards one goal. When the mind is thinking about one problem from different angles, it sparks ideas and imaginations – and that’s a fun mode to be in! Something that’s wildly different from a few months ago is that while building anything new, i’m having a lot of conversations with Mr.GPT as my thinking partner. We also saw a bunch of folks join the team recently, and new energy is always good to have around.

May has been hot, thank god the rain showers have blessed us here in Bangalore! Amidst all the heat, Anukshi and I headed off to Goa for a weekend dash – stayed in Agonda, played carefree in the waves in the evenings, kayakd along the backwaters and scooted around!

i’ve been doing well on the fitness front, as my whole body is currently recovering from DOMS. Was regular with three tennis weekends in Kanakpura, always a good reset on the weekends. i’ve been hitting the gym 3-4 times every week consistently, but my weight has plateaud between 68 and 69 KGs. i’ve recently started training lower back and hit a single-rep 100KG deadlift. With a little support from the trainer, i’m now hitting 100KG squats and 80KG benchpress. On any given time on any given day, i can crank out 50 pushups.

Anukshi’s MBA got confirmed for Spain, and i’m looking forward to her starting life in Barca! The admissions process isn’t easy as i saw it up-close – was reminded of how i used to deal with the pressure of competitive exams when i was 17! Definitely builds some character, and i wonder if that’s a competitive advantage in life.

Read a few chapters of Outlive by Peter Attia, good concepts around building healthspan instead of just lifespan! Trying to make it a point to listen to Lenny’s podcast to learn on the go, and will be diving into Principles by Mr. Dalio in June!

Went a little out of my way to meet up with friends & acquaintances in Bangalore and jumped on zooms over the weekends! 3 physical meetups over the last 4 weeks. Good to see everyone growing up :))

This weekend was restorative as i caught up on sleep, and slow down the mind. Important to continue writing these weekly reports, helps me take stock of life – otherwise weeks blend into months, and years pass by.

Keep hammerin’


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