Weekly Report 1

02 Jul 2016 . category: Report . Comments

Here is the weekly report of what I’ve been upto – from 25th of June to the 1st of July!

I had a long chat with a mentor of mine - Jaideep Bir, regarding future possibilities within the domain of video and social media. I feel that CaseyBot is something that is commercializable and thus we’ll try and delve deeper into this domain.

My friend, Gyanendra had built this Chrome extension – TrumpCat that replaces images of Donald Trump with those of cats. However for Trump Detection, Alchemy Vision API was being called. Thus, I built Trump-Detect, which uses the LBPH Face Recognizer Module in OpenCV, which basically builds a histogram of deltas w.r.t each pixel. It then compares the histograms of test images for identification.

Before and After

I scraped Trump on Google Images for training the recognizer with around a hundred photos for now. The code is currently in production - the extension can be downloaded here. Trump-Detect is an experiment which will lead to bigger projects - compilation of falling people, people saying stupid things etc.

I have also started doing a bit of GeeksForGeeks, revising CS basics for the placement season. It is pretty tiring though. Before and After

Me and Gyanendra have begun building another side-project - World-in-Pictures, based on building an API in the travel domain. More on that in the next week.

I just returned from a meetup on Tech/Data in Investment & Trading. It was a good meetup - met some people working on awesome things in AI and Deep Learning. I’ll try and pick up a good #Data project in the next week, and build something cool.

That’s it folks!


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