Weekly Report 2

10 Jul 2016 . category: Report . Comments
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My weekly report - from the 3rd of July to the 9th of July. It has been a rather busy week, though I would rank the productivity as okay-ish.

First things first, me along with Gyanendra and Prabhjyot have launched(the landing page) Birbal Bot, a shopping advisor on Facebook Messenger. The main objective of doing a landing page launch was to analyse specific use cases that we could understand only by talking to the user(inspired by The Lean Startup).The response so far, has been on the positive side and has motivated us to build a kickass product! The current launch date has been decided as the 15th of August, keeping in mind the review time taken by Facebook. More on this in the coming blogs!


I worked on a FiveThirtyEight puzzle early in the week, and have written a blog about the math involved here. The puzzle revolves around finding the probability to beat Roger Federer in Wimbledon, given that the starting score could be anything I wished. My answer was not accurate, it was an interesting problem nevertheless!

My internship has kept me occupied to a certain extent in my working hours, although I’ve begun to dislike the communication overhead that is involved while collabarating on a big project. It is what it is! Placement preparations have been going on at a steady pace, picking up slightly on weekends.

Oh yes, I’ve rented a bicycle for office travel! It has seriously helped me out, I can peacefully slither through the gnarly traffic that Bangalore offers. It has also made trips to the lake trails(for my runs) really convenient and consequently, more frequent.


Today’s the Wimbledon Finals as well! So, I’ll be going out with my college seniors and focus and try and hope that Murray doesn’t win! How did Federer ever lose to Raonic?!


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