Weekly Report 3

17 Jul 2016 . category: Report . Comments
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My weekly report - from the 10th of July to the 16th of July. A pretty intense week at work; I submitted two of my deliverables for review and demos!

With just one week left before my internship ends, it has been wind-up time for me, delivering demos and reports to my teammates. I’ll briefly go through the technical details of my the projects, for future reference!

One of the projects was related to Active Directory Management, for testing purposes. A major requirement was to automate creation of user folders (on a network drive) with varied security permissions for the sub-folders. I fiddled around with Perl for scripting, but later moved to Powershell, as LDAP was giving me nasty errors. I was new to Security Permissions(acls) in Windows, and also to Powershell, but caught up quickly. For generating data, I used HPE’s in-house tool, Data Mover, with a few modifications for our requirements. I demo-ed it to my team last Friday, and the reponse was pretty positive!

The other project I’d been working on was in collabaration with the automation team from Britain. We followed the Agile Software Dev. model, with regular stand-up meets. My user story was to automate the installation of an in-house tool(Hazard, used for continuous I/O), via Ansible Playbooks. Ansible is an awesome tool for automating large processes at scale. I’d been working on it for the past 2-3 weeks, and finally submitted my scripts for review last week. Demo sometime next week!

I’m also participating in a Kaggle Competition, Talking Data Challenge – based on customer segmentation based on user’s app usage data. It’s an interesting problem, and I’ve always wanted to work on similar lines in user segementation. I’m also looking in the possibilities of integrating Docker Containers into my Kaggle competitions, for improved development. Hopefully, I put out a solution and a blog by next week.

Talking about progress on Birbal’s development, we have been going at a snail’s pace :( All of us have been too busy with our internships to concentrate enough on Birbal. We’re participating in an online hackathon this week, which will hopefully accelerate our efforts! The current MVP is aimed at building a Telegram bot, which will later be ported to Facebook.

I’ve also met some people here in Bangalore, who want to build a personality-based bot in the domain of algorithmic trading. It’s an ambitious plan, using Deep Learning algorithms in Forex trading, and providing suggestions and advice via a bot. Exciting!

Hopefully, the next week I get up to level with placement preparations and my weekly goals. That’s it folks!


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