Weekly Report 4

25 Jul 2016 . category: Report . Comments

My weekly report - from the 18th of July to the 24th of July. This week went too fast – I feel life’s moving too fast. Slow down and appreciate the sunsets. Slow the hell down!

Good development on Birbal – A basic Telegram bot is ready with simple functionalities. It still needs to be iterated over and over, we want to understand more use cases and remodel the bot accordingly. I enjoyed the process of thinking about the core of our algorithm i.e. how ratings would be quantified and how specific features would be evaluated. Thanks to @gyani, the Flipkart scraper and the Telegram bot are working well.

I’ve been practicing competitive coding a little more seriously, but I’m still not at the level I’d expected myself to be going into the placements. There is still a week to go, and I intend to polish up on theory and coding skills.


Went to a farewell lunch, organized by my team at BBQ Nation! It was good fun – had an awesome lunch! I gave a good farewell speech, I hope! Review for BBQ - 8/10 (my teammates were disappointed they didn’t serve booze :p)

This weekend, I went on a trek with Dhruv,Kshitij and Shambhavi to Nandi Hills, 60 kms from Bangalore. It was a really fun day, though the trek was overwhelmed by the travel! Hung out in Koramangala in the evening – a complete blog/vlog coming soon!


Progress has been rather slow on the Kaggle competition. I haven’t been prioritizing it at the top of my to-do lists recently. I don’t think the coming week would also be conducive to do a one or two-day Data Science workout.

I’ll be leaving Bangalore in the night today – expect an internship round-up blog soon!


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