So many Tests | Weekly Report 6

08 Aug 2016 . category: Report . Comments
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My weekly report - from the 1st of August to the 8th of August. Stressful, challenging times lie ahead -_-

I might have given 7 recruitment tests in the past 5 days – it’s been exhausting to say the least. Shortlisted candidates from these tests would advance to the interview rounds to be held next week. I’ve felt slightly disappointed by my performance in some of the tests, but have tried to stay positive throughout.

It’s very easy to be swayed by the college placement fever, and be caught in the daily struggle of tests and interviews. I realize that these tests are just a slight blip in the larger test of life, and I need to view every such test in the larger context. Insecurities will creep in, and the only way out is working harder and be hopeful and positive!

Updates on skateboarding: Received my first skateboard and it’s been real fun riding it around. I’m still falling and learning, I guess that is the only way, or my neural network is pretty slow at adjusting the weights. Next week’s target is to do a proper ollie and be comfortable with doing basic tricks on the move.

Skateboard front

That’s it folks! Later.


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