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That time of the year | Weekly Report 9

11 Sep 2016 . category: Report . Comments
#weekly #fitness #pilani #skateboarding #bosm

My weekly report - from the 5th of September to the 11th of September. These days were dedicated, in their entirety, to the wonderful game of tennis!

Our annual sports fest, BOSM marks one of the highlights in my college life – this would be my 4th and final BOSM, and I’ll be giving my all to it! They are 4 days of almost-continuous action on the courts, where we manage the logistics along with fighting for a medal. The fest does strike an emotional chord – it is one of those things in my life I genuinely give a shit about!

We’ve been practising from anywhere between 3-6 hours daily, and for a majority of the remaining time I’ve been catching up on exhaustion-sleep! I’ve realized my diet is nowhere close to support the kind of practice we’re having. Hopeful for a medal position this time - fingers crossed!

I also went on a couple of skateboarding missions late into the night with psdh for some cool footage.

This was an attempt at orchestrating a cross-over at the Workshop Cross!

Tailgating behind a bicycle – I know it’s stupid!

So, that’s pretty much of what I’ve been upto. I need to prioritize my goals and current projects for better productivity (post-BOSM that is!)

Later folks!


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