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Post-holiday workweek | Weekly Report 13

07 Nov 2016 . category: report . Comments
#data science #terminal-ai #pilani #delhi

My weekly report - from the 30th of October to the 6th of November. Slowly getting back to productive days, a couple of them just drifted by :(

Post my Nepal trip, I’d spent a couple of days in Pilani for Oasis, after which I left for Diwali vacations back home, to Bombay! The days went by really fast, as I finished up the edit on my ABC vlog, and resumed some competitions on Kaggle.

The 2nd of November was “Travel Day”, the flight delays left me stranded in the ever-so-polluted city of Delhi… for 6 hours! Spent around three hours in a McDonalds reading “The Godfather”, as I tried remaining as indoors as possible – the smoke! Reached Pilani by dawn on the 3rd.

I worked on-and-off on a Machine Learning CodeSprint by Walmart, related to placing supermarket items in ideal shelves, so as to satisfy the store’s categorization policies. Though the competition is over, I’m working on preparing a model based on cosine similarities of the different items. Later, an NLP model using bag-of-words will be integrated. Interesting problem!

I’m also working on building an AI for the Linux Terminal – A Personal Assistant that will help me in my day-to-day browsing and working tasks on the desktop. Currently it supports weather queries, smalltalk, and can open certain websites when commanded by voice. I’m really excited as to how this project will turn out, will work hard on it!

In the coming week, I intend to work on the set-aside HousePrices Kaggle competition, and build an exploration project on Shiny. I’d also like to explore the USA Election datasets, along the lines of the FiveThirtyEight blogs.

Fitness Update – I’m committing to running a half marathon in six weeks from now. I’m currently comfortable with 7K runs, and would like to extend my stamina to 11K by end of next week! Was reunited with my skateboard after so long, it’s been fun!

That’s all folks!


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