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Time is flying by! | Weekly Report 14

14 Nov 2016 . category: report . Comments
#pilani #terminal-ai #elections #fitness

My weekly report - from the 7th of November to the 13th of November. I’m still not working as much as I’d like to, time is flying by! Zoom out – Just a month left before I leave college. Wow!

Work on Terminal-AI took off earlier in the week, but has stagnated currently. Modules for setting reminders and managing to-do lists have been written. Also, HackerNews’ terminal version is integrated in the system, now I can listen to my news on my terminal! Lots to be done this week.

Donald J. Trump is the President-elect of the United States – this is as worrying as it is laughable! My friends and me were glued to the internet on the election day, following the developments. Bitten by the election fever, I decided to go all-in and write a blog on the “Science behind Election Polls”. Took two full days to research and the existing polling methodologies!

I’m beginning to like “Data Journalism”, inspired a whole lot by FiveThirtyEight! It’s really interesting to see how different people can weave different stories with the same set of data. I’m also working on a side-project(DC_Analytics) – it aims to understand what BITS Pilani is searching by it’s intranet searches (on DC++). How the time of the day, hostel or gender are influencing our searches. Expect a blog soon!

This week, I touched the 10 KM mark, completing it in 56:03! The aim for this week is to continue this streak, and stretch to 12 K.

10K run

Have quite a few vlog ideas, which I aim to realize this week! Visiting “Glider’s Club” is also on the bucket-list!

That’s all folks!


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