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Sports Analytics and pSenti nights | Weekly Report 15

21 Nov 2016 . category: report . Comments
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My weekly report - from the 14th of November to the 20th of November. A fairly productive week, though I’m still pretty bad at my morning routines. Need to get back in the “morning rhythym”.

This week, I came across a new dataset on Kaggle – IPL statistics drilled down to each delivery bowled thus far! It’s really exciting, as I’d worked on Moneyball-related stats on IPL the last two semesters. I dove in, and have uploaded a R Notebook(on Kaggle Kernels) which compares Kohli and Dhoni’s batting statistics. Learnt some visualization techniques in ggplot2, had a lot of fun! I’ll try and expand this into a Shiny app where analysis of any batsman can be done.

I’ve found a couple more datasets on Kaggle – Uber’s pickup data by FiveThirtyEight, and ATP Tennis Matches data. I’ll be playing with them soon!

Work on the DC-Analytics project is underway – I’m trying to categorize the search queries into the corresponding taxonomies. The data collected so far has been eye-opening, hopeful to get a few insights in it!

The countdown to last days in Pilani has begun – Write-ups and farewells will be commonplace the next couple of weeks!

Pahadi Jump

Me along with my wing did an early morning trip to “Pilani Pahadi” – The sunrise was beautiful! As for the Marathon training, I’ve completed a 12K run, and plan to get comfortable with 16K within two weeks. A Running Calendar stares at me from the front wall, motivating me to go run!

Running Calendar

That’s it folks!


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