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Telling stories with data | Weekly Report 16,17

05 Dec 2016 . category: report . Comments
#pilani #data science #shiny #fitness

Bi-weekly report - from the 21st of November to the 4th of December. A lot has happened, I’ve learnt some visualization techniques in R, pushed out two “Data” blogs, flew a brand-new drone, and hit the 14K mark!

The first week was wound up in preparing writeups and attending farewells, and the official Director’s Tea Party. Farewells hurt, they are meant to! I might do a farewell blog, a “pSenti Video” edit is underway!

I’m beginning to like “Data Journalism”, something what FiveThirtyEight does consistently – Telling stories with data. We pushed out a intranet website which relayed DC++ searches in real-time. My module is also linked as “Analytics” – A Shiny app which showcases four kinds of visualizations. I also wrote a Medium Post on the whole analytics, it has been well-received so far!

Following up on my Kaggle Kernel on “Virat Kohli Vs MS Dhoni”, I built another Shiny app, which showcased IPL analytics for any batsman. I pushed this out on Kaggle as well, but hasn’t seen many views. I plan to work on another one of Kaggle’s datasets soon, it’s a lot of fun!

We also finished up on our college projects, one of them was related to build an Anomaly Detection module for time-series Voltage data. This would help in analyzing “Buildings’ Health”.

I run my first half-marathon in two weeks, and the preparation is strong on this one! Just ran 14KM yesterday, feel positive for an under 2-hour timing!


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