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Back in Bombay | Weekly Report 18,19

19 Dec 2016 . category: report . Comments
#pilani #bombay #bangalore #data science #fitness

Bi-weekly report - from the 5th of December to the 18th of December. Bid farewell to Pilani, but we’re just getting started! Running low on productivity, need to get back on track!

I pushed out a Kaggle Kernel, off a new dataset on World Terrorism. My kernel generates GIFs of countries, showing terrorist strikes over the years. The dataset is interesting and there’s a lot of scope in more complex visualizations!

My Semester Internship was announced recently, the next 6 months in Belong.co, Bangalore! Looking forward to a productive learning curve, #Data just got more exciting – I’m psyched!

In other news, college is over – Feels so strange writing that! I got an opportunity to go up the clock tower in Pilani(crazy!) – The video edit is underway. Meanwhile, we posted a pSenti Video, it has clocked more than a thousand views already!

Took a Rajdhani from Delhi to Bombay, my first train journey from Pilani. Watched a couple movies in transit – The Snowden Documentary is good!

Very exciting development – I ran my first Half-Marathon yesterday, from the Bandra Fort right along Bandstand upto the Carters’ Road and back, twice! The race was intense and the views were beautiful. I put 1:54 on the clock – The sub-2 Hour target is achieved, the next goal is hitting 1:45. Another Half-Marathon possibility on the 8th of January, along the Powai Lake – will have to evaluate how my body holds up!

Within the next week, I aim to develop a “generative neural network” (possibly, a GAN) for image/lyric/video generation. I’ve been intrigued by the concept for a long time now, not anymore! Plan to put out a couple kaggle kernels by end of week.

I have a couple ideas on how I want to take this blog further, starting a mailing list is just the first step. Push quality data blogs consistently, and generate an audience!

Later folks!


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