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The Christmas Weekend | Weekly Report 20

26 Dec 2016 . category: report . Comments
#data science #fitness #bombay #auroville

Weekly report from the 19th of December to the 25th of December. Merry Christmas everyone! Improvement from the previous weeks, in terms of productivity :)

This week, I played around with a new dataset on Homicide Offenders, and pushed out a kernel – “Suspects and Motives” – A lot more can be achieved. I’m also beginning work on a Kaggle Competition – Santa’s Uncertain Bags, will be exciting!

Over the weekend, I got support for the mailing list ready on this blog, and added a “Hire Me” to the front page. Plans for 2017 are big – Build a audience, and push quality content consistently.

My attempts at building a GAN have led to dismal failures :( With no clear headways, it has taken a backseat. Work will resume in the coming days.

I’ve rebooted my running schedule, am building up the miles from scratch. My next goal is to improve speed on the Half Marathon – I’m registering for the famous Auroville Marathon(12th of Feb). Hope to complete the race in 1:45 hours. Also, I’ll begin weight training in 2017, there’s a first time to everything!

Bought a Chromecast 2.0 for the home LCD – been spending a lot of time on YouTube ;)

That’s all folks!


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