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2016 was great | 2017 will be better!

29 Dec 2016 . category: report . Comments
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Six months ago, I began blogging with the singular purpose of keeping my productivity in check. I write weekly reports of whatever I have been upto!

This is a Mega 52-Week Special Edition! Here’s my year in review, and what I want to achieve in 2017!

Twenty Sixteen

i began running, everyday. January mornings in Pilani were ruthless!

i started microjournalling. A page of my day, everyday.

i* worked on many side-projects – Revmine, Monica, Wolfe, RecoBot, Bro, Musique, and a lot many failed ones!

i turned 20.

i* made a Chrome Extension which bagged the 4th Prize in a National level hackathon(Indiahacks).

my tennis team toured delhi, we won the tournament at NLU. The team got super drunk, it was crazy!

i wore a suit to the Batch Snaps, good times ;)

i interned at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bangalore. It was good, Bangalore was better!

i* made BirbalBot and TrumpCat.

i started this blog. i made CaseyBot.

i sat for campus placements. i got placed.

i bought a skateboard. Getting better at it!

i went to mcleodganj, himachal. i trekked the Triund. Visited the Dharamsala cricket stadium, twice!

i participated in quite a few Kaggle competitions. i put out three Kaggle Kernels. A lot of scope for improvement!

i trained for BOSM, i didnt play. We won the silver. My last BOSM :(

i had ten shikanjis in an hour, just for fun – Here’s the video!

i bought a new phone. someone stole my new phone. i bought the same phone again!

i went to nepal. i trekked Annapurna Base Camp at 4130 metres above sea level. Was it tough? You bet!

i wanted hillary to win. trump won. I wrote a blog on it.

i and gyani snooped on DC++ search queries. Here’s my analysis.

i made a Shiny app – Batsmen Analytics in IPL!

i climbed up the clock tower in Pilani. It was beautiful!

i* bought a toy drone, broke the toy drone. Twice!

i ran. i ran more.

i ran 21 km along the Carters’ road, my first half-marathon. It was fun!

i left college. Forever.

i am home. home is bliss.

Twenty Seventeen

The next six months in Bangalore will be productive, no compromises.

I’ve failed at my 2016 goal to rank within the top 10% of a Kaggle Competition. 2017 will witness that.

I’m going to work on my fitness, seriously – alternate runs and workouts, 3 days each! I’ve registered for my second half-marathon in Pondicherry! It’s gonna be fun!

I’m going to read more, and consume less.

I want to do more with this platform – Consistent quality blogs to a bigger audience. Tim Urban is my inspiration!

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i* – @gyani, @sodhi and i

Inspiration for this post – The Greatest Year of my entire life by Casey Neistat


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