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High on fitness | Weekly Report 25

30 Jan 2017 . category: report . Comments
#bangalore #fitness #data science

Weekly report from the 24th of January to the 29th of January – a very “Do More” kind of a week, with not a lot of focus on work :/

At work, I put out some scatterplots(even the 3-D ones!) in Shiny, and brainstormed on future projects with my mentor. We attended a couple of company onboarding sessions, very insightful ones! Went over design decisions on the Shiny app, and spent some time building a module for data cleaning.

I pushed out a Kaggle kernel, based on a new dataset on “Drone Strikes in Pakistan”. Was a fun little kernel! Another kernel to be pushed in the coming week.

I clocked 30km this week, in three morning sessions – Ran a solid 14K earlier in the morning today(yesterday). Cubbon Park is a heaven for runners, the run just recharges the mind. I can feel the running habit building, i get an itch to go out and put in a few kilometers even on the rest days! Played tennis with my college tennis team here in Bangalore. Should make it a regular habit!

Met up with the college wingies over Serena Williams’ win – 23 Grand Slams(what!) Watched the Australian Open semi-finals and finals with the team, incredibly exciting matches – Federer bel18ves!

Till next time :)


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