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A Data problem, QuoraDuplicate and clay court tennis | Weekly Report 26

06 Feb 2017 . category: report . Comments
#data science #bangalore #tennis

The weekly report from the 30th of January to the 5th of January – a week which didn’t see good development on side projects. Slacking away at my goals…

At work, i refined the user experience of the Shiny app – developing UI. Read some good pieces on data democratization and dashboard experiences. My new project is really exciting, leaning more on the side of insight-driven hypotheses – Customer Journey Analytics via time-series clustering. I’m currently reading up on ideas and techniques, data extraction is a major challenge in itself. Attended a couple of Analytics meetings, the company townhall and a comic show at work!

I came upon a new dataset released by Quora, based on recognizing duplicate questions. It’s a really interesting problem, i did some preliminary research and put out an informative Kaggle kernel. Tried playing a bit with FiveThirtyEight’s football dataset, but gave in midway :(

The paragraphs on side-projects have really gone down in the past few weeks – it’s probably a side effect of the internship. Bloody excuses. I should utilise my 7PM to 12AM time more productively :/

I ramped up on the Nike training workouts, and did a 6k speed run at Cubbon. Also, I made my clay court debut – a solid 90 minute 3-setter with Aniket!

Till next time!


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