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NYC rental predictions and the Auroville marathon | Weekly Report 27, 28

20 Feb 2017 . category: report . Comments
#bangalore #data science #travel #marathon

Bi-weekly report from the 6th of February to the 19th of February – couple of eventful, fairly productive weeks! Made a solo trip to Pondicherry, ran a half marathon, and worked away on an awesome kaggle competition.

I’m predicting the interest levels for rental listings on an NYC rental website, Renthop – a recently launched competition on kaggle. i’ve spent my last week’s nights building a decent model, currently stand somewhere in the middle of the public leaderboard. More feature engineering to follow! In other news, my kernel on QuoraDuplicate was featured in kaggle’s weekly email – Felt awesome! I’ve been pretty engrossed in the competition, and did not focus on kernels. February’s target is 4 kernels away, looking tough :(

At work, i’ve been building the UserJourney model – discussing new hypotheses and testing them regularly, documenting the insights and explaining the model. Learning new shit. Everyday.

I made a weekend trip to Pondicherry and Auroville, my first solo trip! Travelling solo makes me pretty introspective at times. Auroville was beautiful, spent a good afternoon exploring, went through the books and paintings at savitri bhavan, and simply wandered. Wandering is peaceful. i personally liked the concept of Auroville and i seriously plan to take time off to volunteer there :)

On sunday, i ran the auroville half marathon in 1 hour 53 minutes, beating my P.R. by 1 minute! The race trail was no joke, crazy foresty route! Loved the atmosphere, the competition – i’m definitely coming back next year! That being said, i need to focus on a new goal. As Casey Neistat says, “With each success, comes a bigger more ambitious goal”. Satara hill marathon? Trying to plan a long trip to the north-east, by end of 2017?

I went to a concert by Sukhvinder Singh last friday with Vivek and a few friends, it was good! The past couple of weeks have been high on motivation, Gary Vee’s the man!

The runs have become sparse and few, the pre and post marathon week(:p), the knee(meniscus?) pain is back :( Workouts are regular, though. Went for a clay tennis session earlier today, i’m thinking of registering for AITA and playing a nationals tournament. Will be a serious goal to pursue!

To a productive week ahead, this post was good! Later!


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