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The streak is back, as i turn 21 | Weekly Report 29

26 Feb 2017 . category: report . Comments
#data science #bangalore

My report from the 20th of February to the 26th of February – a highly productive week, i got the git streak back and turned 21!

I’ve been slogging away at the renthop challenge on kaggle, building more features along the way. A lot of them don’t work, but some shoot you up the leaderboard! A couple of ideas i came up with – price difference from mean of neighborhood(calculated from lat, lon), medium_score(to differentiate the “medium” rentals), bedroom-bathroom difference(indicating sharing bathrooms?) and many more. i’m experimenting with a gbm and a random forest, and am trying to stack them(not successful yet). Text-based features haven’t helped much yet, trying out a few ideas currentyl. Let’s see, this is a long competition!

Along with the UserJourney model, i’ve begun experimenting with JobJourney to find insights into funnel conversion for the success of a job. Attended the vision induction by vijay, he’s building an incredible story! The demo by the design team was inspiring, as was a discussion on making meetings more productive.

I turned 21 couple of days earlier, went to the Bannerghatta national park, went bowling(twice!) and had lime juice at a pub :) Watched “Lion”, a beautiful movie by Dev Patel!

Running has stalled, thanks to the recurring runners’ knee pain. Focussing on workouts to improve the core, thighs and calves – Getting there.

Productivity is on a high, the git streak is back and running, ride this wave up and forwards! Later folks!


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