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Getting better at SQL, and a trip to Bombay | Weekly Report 31

15 Mar 2017 . category: report . Comments
#data science #kaggle #fitness #bangalore #mumbai

My report from the 6th of February to the 12th of March – an okayish workweek, could’ve done more with it.

At work, i’ve had some sql jobs to attend to. Being historically terrible at it, there’s a lot of scope for improvement! wrote a small script to automate a specific report generation job, felt good :)

i’ve settled down on the feature engineering part of my submission at the Renthop challenge. Focussing more on getting the right combination – there is some “black magic” with the manager score. People are unable to figure out how it works! Apparently, the imputation of less common managers is a positive step, as seen by my jump of 0.01 on the LB.

I’m currently placed at 0.56004(log-loss) on the leaderboard, still at roughly the halfway position. I even put out a kaggle kernel on the McDonalds Nutrition dataset – It’s achieved the bronze medal! Just one more bronze away from being a kernels expert :)

Focussing more on the workouts, the longer 45 minute ones are kicking my ass, real bad! Stronger everyday. Ran a fast 2k, but the runners’ knee doesn’t seem to leave me, visiting an ortho tomorrow :/

Currently chilling at home in Bombay, it’s the the Holi weekend after all. It’s good to take the foot of the pedal, sometimes :)

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