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Frustrated, but patient | Weekly Report 32

20 Mar 2017 . category: report . Comments
#kaggle #data science #motivation #fitness

My report from the 13th of March to the 19th of March – an oscillatory week, my feelings are in phase with the growth of my leaderboard score. On the brighter side, i feel motivated as i’ve ever been, working towards the 2017 goal - Top 10% in a kaggle competition.

I’m placed at 0.55572 on the leaderboard, been there for like 3 days now. People are saying that 0.53x is easy good feature engineering is done, i seem to be real bad at it! I have a couple of good ideas, but not many push the score a lot. I tried “identifying spam in description”, “hourly opportunity(good rental posted in that hour)”, “manager building opportunity”, “bulk addition by managers(manager count hourly)”” over the past couple days. I optimized my gbm, gotta move to xgboost. When nothing seems to work, i try and implement others’ ideas – looking into mean-encoding(i understand it very abstractly right now).

Frustrated with renthop, i tried hands at the new Quora competition – identifying duplicate questions. Some really good kernels posted already, learning! I put out my old “Everything you wanna know” kernel as a discussion here, and posted a kernel on “Wordnet Matrix Similarity”. It’s a pretty naive implementation, getting an accuracy of 65%. Working for another bronze :)

At work, i’ve been remodelling the shiny app, in accordance with the new db schema. It’s fun managing 2000 lines of R code :) There’s even a television screen, to display our dashboards, exciting!

Fitness - i most likely have osteoarthiritis, some depletion of cartilage in my knee. Exercises should fix it, but no running for a couple more weeks. I’m still chipping away at the “Lean Workout” plan, no squats though!

I’ve been thinking about patience a lot(thanks, Gary Vee!) – Every action/decision you take is affected if you begin thinking 10 years down the line. Patience is extremely tough to deploy, the short-term gains blind us all.

Always think long-term :)


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