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Customer Meetings, TrumpScore and skateboarding in cubbon park | Weekly Report 33

27 Mar 2017 . category: report . Comments
#data science #kaggle #bangalore #fitness

My weekly report from the 20th of March to the 26th of March - a pretty busy workweek, and an awesome weekend :)

Regarding the renthop challenge, i couldn’t dedicate as much time as i’d like, making only a progress of 0.002 on the leaderboard. i was fairly confident of the new features, but they haven’t shown good promise yet – Mainly “Target Encoding for mangers and buildings”. The basic concept is that different managers have different “high scores”(% of high rentals), but they should be normalized by the total number of rentals that manager offers. It is a typical problem in categorical encoding, where a high number of factors are to be mapped to a few targets. Got the idea and understanding from kaggle kernels, read up on a paper and implemented it – should’ve boosted me by now. Working on it. Implemented “street score” and “street count”. Also, got xgboost working, but surprisingly i couldn’t tune it well enough to give reasonable results. Very strange :(

In other kaggle news, i pushed out a kernel on TrumpScore – Traitors, Abstainers and Stubborn Democrats. Analyzes the congressmens’ votes on various measures passed by Trump, it offers some cool insights! Data courtesy – FiveThirtyEight, ain’t they awesome?!

At work, I’m still working on yoda, recently implemented sparklines in data tables, with real data! Went for a customer meeting at Servicemax – was an eye-opener with regards to customers’ pain points! Customer empathy is the key.

I stumbled upon a kickass Chrome Extension, which identifies clickbaity news articles, or YouTube videos by their titles. I’m thinking of going deeper into Youtube videos, making use of likes/dislikes and comments(if possible). Would be a cool side project.

On the fitness front, running is stalled, and workouts are running thin. Although this weekend was pretty productive – Went for a couple of skateboarding sessions in Cubbon Park, oh i never get bored of that place! Also played a three-setter this morning on clay. Playing on clay is tough. Real tough!

That’s all… Later folks :)


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