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A working stacker, and analyzing Fedal | Weekly Report 36

17 Apr 2017 . category: report . Comments
#kaggle #data science #tennis

My weekly report from the 10th of April to the 16th of April - an okay-ish week, very productive in the first half, not so much in this long weekend. In other good news, i turned “kernels expert” on kaggle, no big deal though ;)

With each success, comes a bigger, more ambitious goal

I made good progress(Top 40% on LB) on the Renthop challenge, finally! Got a cute little 2-layered functional stacker/super-learner working. Currently only three models – XGB, RF & GBM on both layers, expanding into the more traditional ML models to blend in diversity. Apparently, diversity is almost always helpful ;) The plan is to improve on the stacker, and tune features for each model separately – A recursive feature check might have to be built to automate it.

I pushed out a Sports Analytics blog on Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal, a little more nuanced than my Kohli-Dhoni blog. i’d put in just a couple of days into this, but got good traction(around 600 sessions) primarily from reddit. A huge improvement compared to my Marathon Analytics. Also got good validation from my peers, feels good :)

At work, Analytics is planning to take up a project for integrating various Ops functions of the company – building an “Analytics Platform”. Runs on the similar lines of Data Democratization. This week’s Townhall was super-long and intense AF. i probably listened to the most motivating speech by our ceo, had goosebumps running through. A lot of learnings, a lot to do.

Talking about the side-projects, i’ve been coming up with some ideas, but not taking them through. The Kejriwal project is slow, didn’t get the whole historical tweet data. Gotta find a workaround. i’ve taken up D3 as a learning project, hope to make good progress by end of week. Also had a crazy idea – Generating automated highlights from cricket matches(via audio analysis – Crowd cheering). Looks very daunting though!

The reading habit is coming along pretty well – Consistently putting in the time. Went out for a couple of 1K runs, recovering slowly. Played good attacking tennis earlier yesterday, we even recorded our match – Stay tuned for a highlights video! Even went for the SABR – Sneak Attack by Roger ;)

That’s it folks!


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