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Post-Bhutan pre-Bangalore week in Bombay! | Weekly Report 45

03 Jul 2017 . category: report . Comments
#bombay #bangalore #vlog

My weekly report from the 16th of June to the 2nd of July – an unproductive week, well days at home are not very productive, to be honest. Tomorrow, i leave for Bangalore, joining Myntra(Data Sciences) day after. Excited for the first days, looking forward to meeting new people, and becoming a data scientist(after all this time)!

I put out a vlog after a long time, editing is a truly theraupetic activity! Made a documentary-styled vlog(with a script!) on my trip to Bhutan.

I played around a bit with the Indiahacks ML challenge, didn’t make any improvements though. The flow had broken and it was tough to regain enough context, something i need to get better at. I’m ranked 12th in the final public rankings, still have to wait for the final results(hope i haven’t overfitted!). Will write a blog on my feature engineering approach.

A couple days earlier, i visited one of my college friends working on his startup in Bombay – always inspired. Read up on a couple Paul Graham blogs upon starting up, and how i should be focussing on working on good tech problems. i shouldn’t be going after starting up as my core motivation, rather being at tough tech problems will make me more probable to come around a startup idea.

I’ve slacked off on Kaggle post the Bhutan trip, will get started with the Instakart competition soon. Productivity will get back on the charts, side-projects will be built, shit will go down :)

The Bombay rains have been gracious enough for me to get some good runs under my belt, feel confident in my marathon training. There’s a good lake trail near to my new accommodation(in Sarjapur, Bangalore), excited for those lake runs! The workouts will be back soon, and with Wimbledon coming back, how can tennis stay behind ;)

That’s it folks!


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