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Joining Myntra, visiting a warehouse and setting up Bangalore logistics | Weekly Report 46

10 Jul 2017 . category: report . Comments

My weekly report from the 16th of June to the 9th of July – a second unproductive week on the trot, not good :( The git streak is lost, as i was caught up with a lot of initial setup joining Myntra.

I got started with my onboarding at Myntra, going through an induction boootcamp for freshers – a nice way to get us started! I liked the focus on vision and values, something similar to how Belong functions – After all, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it! Attended an all-hands meet, met my managers, trying to gain as much context as quickly as possible. Got to know about a couple of cool projects i might get to work on – last-mile delivery amongst them :)

The freshers batch was also given a warehouse visit in Bangalore, a great way to build a behind-the-scenes context within the minds of engineers. The scale of operations was insane, and i can only imagine how Amazon’s main warehouses would look like. A new and refreshing experience, it hits you hard how much effort goes behind getting an order to your doorstep!

I’m starting off with the Instacart competition on kaggle, the Mercedes challenge was looking a little unstable and short. I should be giving away good time on Instacart, gotta get going!

Recently, i put out my documentation blog on the Indiahacks ML challenge, ‘twas in the pipelines for quite a while :)

Met quite some people over meals, this always happens the first week in Bangalore ;) Got my luggage shifted and made my new home habitable over the weekend, small yet important headaches.

On the fitness front, i’ve been slacking away big time, gotta get back on the schedule. No workouts, no tennis, just did a 5k treadmill run, not good.

So yeah. That’s that, later :)


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