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Finishinh up with bootcamp, getting started with work, and going to my convocation! | Weekly Report 47, 48

21 Jul 2017 . category: report . Comments
#bangalore #myntra #pilani

My weekly report from the 10th of July to the 20th of July – a rather eventful, yet unproductive week. Majorly, i met a lot of folks in Bangalore, shifted into my new home, finished up with our freshers’ bootcamp, meeting my data science team tomorrow.

I was introduced to a lot of new tech in our freshers’ bootcamp, to which i developed the natural human dislike ;) Learnt about native apps, microservices, system infra and analytics at a pretty top-level view – i must’ve grasped a bit of theory here and there, the practicals haven’t actually clicked with me. Anyway, the experience was good, exposing myself to areas outside my comfort zone! Will be meeting the data science teams tomorrow, excited :)

I’ve been trying to get started with the instacart competition on kaggle, the starting friction seems to be a little too high. I’ve understood the theory and domain knowledge behind the problem – “identifying the products a user will reorder”, will be building a training framework and do my favorite job - Feature Engineering!

I’ll be travelling to Pilani today to attend my convocation on Sunday, it’s gonna be fun! Hype and convo go hand in hand, let’s see whether that holds true – Hang in for a kickass convocation vlog!

On the fitness front, i’ve been going strong with the runs – clocked in a couple of long runs, 10k felt so good :) Need to get back on the training workout schedule, will also be starting cycling(to work) and swimming regularly! Need to get the mojo back :)

That’s it folks! Later.


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