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Building the Web Traffic pipeline and a Top 15 finish in Indiahacks ML Zonals | Weekly Report 50

14 Aug 2017 . category: report . Comments
#kaggle #data science #bangalore

My weekly report from the 7th of August to the 13th of August – Continuing on the productivity – decent progress on my projects, i can still improve a lot on my 8PM-2AM work ethic.

Work on Web Traffic challenge is going at a rather slow pace, a basic FE pipeline is ready. I’m taking the unconventional ML approach to a time-series problem, thus had to play around with the “long” and “wide” matrices formatting. Haven’t rolled out a submission yet, prototyping and hypothesis testing should be fairly easy now.

At work, i’m still working on building the extracting S3 data into understandable CSVs, a lot of pre-processing! Add Java into the mix, and i’m as clueless as clueless goes :) Still, making progress – a legit jupyter notebook for exploration should be ready by this week.

I sat for the Indiahacks ML Zonals over the weekend, i ranked 15th and should ideally be selected for the finals in September. I live blogged during the hackathon as well, a really fun destresser!

Decent progress on the runs, went for a 13km long yet slow run on Friday. Swimming and workouts both haven’t become regulars, gotta focus on habit building again :)

I’m not working hard enough, the 8PM-2AM slot is terribly underutilized. If i’m looking at the 2017 Top 10% goal, my actions should map to them. Should be reminding myself of my goals and ambitions.



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