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Testing ideas in Web Traffic, a short trip to Bombay, and a 16K run! | Weekly Report 52

28 Aug 2017 . category: report . Comments
#kaggle #data science #bombay #fitness

My weekly report from the 21st of August to the 27th of August – a decent week at Kaggle, took the last three days off for a short trip home. But more importantly, this blog marks the one-year anniversary of weekly reports, unimaginable when i’d started! To another year, onwards and upwards :)

I’ve been trying and testing new features, and crazy-ish ideas in the Web Traffic competition this week. i realized tree-based models don’t generalize well to unseen ranges in a time-series dataset, thus the constant predictions. I redid a part of my pipeline to accommodate for a larger subset of previously seen data, and also tried out some submissions using GLMs. Was also reading up on the ideal transformations i should be using – the boxcox test is a pretty cool concept! Haven’t been at the challenge for the past 3-4 days, raring to get back :)

A large part of last week was spent in working on my submission in Myntra’s Innovation Challenge. We’ve proposed an in-app Augmented-Reality tool for all things makeup, something like Snapchat filters or Lenskart spectacles. Brainstorming was fun, preparing the pitch deck wasn’t ;)

Haven’t made any progress whatsoever on while-my-code-runs, should get started soon.

Went for my long run this Sunday, a 16.5K long run! Haven’t run this long in quite a while now, felt really good. Gives me a lot of confidence going into the last couple weeks before the Satara marathon, the hills will be a different story though! I’m beginning weight training post Satara, and i’m psyched!

A couple ideas on future projects – Getting hands on a new GoPro, and getting regular at weekly vlogs! Also, should be up with my first book blog(Rafa) by next weekend :)

That’s it folks. Later.


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