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Context switching -- Work Vs Kaggle | Weekly Report 53

04 Sep 2017 . category: report . Comments
#kaggle #data science #myntra #fitness

My weekly report from the 28th of August to the 3rd of September – a satisfying workweek, barring a Friday night and an unproductive Sunday.

A thought that’s been stuck in my mind, about how productive i actually am – Gary Vee asks, “What are you doing from Friday 7PM to Monday 7AM?”. Probably spending most of it on dumb shit. Gotta triple down on my strengths, and go tunnel fucking vision.

A challenge i’ve been facing lately, is that of balancing work at Myntra, with my personal projects/to-dos. I’ve realized working on two intensive projects in a single day is kinda tough, with motivation depleting by the end of the day. I should be slotting separate days – weekends solely for kaggle and data projects, work in the weekdays, and learning-based projects on weekday nights. Don’t know how feasible this structure is, will have to experiment. But clearly, concentrating on two jupyter notebooks at the same time is not happening.

I worked on the Web Traffic competition Friday through Sunday – made good progress on feature engineering and building an abstracted data pipeline. Incremental progress, should yield some positive results. This competition has not been encouraging looking at the leaderboard – probably because of the time-series based project, and ‘n’ number of challenges with data pipeling, missing values, and memory issues!

At work, i spent 2-3 days on understanding the concepts of co-clustering, bi-clustering, k-means cluster ‘goodness’ and applying them on my user-vectors. The results are not very satisfactory as of now, will be increasing my dataset size and retesting. Otherwise, i’ll be moving back to more traditional clustering techniques like k-means for the sake of speed. Should have a working prototype by end of September – daunting! I also attended a team demo, which was particularly interesting to me – an AI-algo to greenchannel genuine returns in the context of Myntra’s logistics platform. It was inspiring how a simple xgboost can affect so many people on-ground!

Still no work on ‘while-my-code-runs’, looking like another project in the graveyard. I’ve begun work on a new dataset, “Fashion-MNIST” – have some good blog/kernel ideas, plus learning opportunities in the neural nets domain. I have the Indiahacks Finals lined up on Friday and Saturday, will be exciting!

Talking about excited, the GoPro Hero 5 Session is here! Just waiting for other accessories, raring to take it out for a vlog test. I still don’t have a lot of clarity on my “why” behind the weekly vlog project, gotta figure that out. Went for a long run in Cubbon Park on Sunday, put in a nice 5:01 pace 17.5Km blissful/painful run ;) Satara’s gonna be insane :)

That’s it folks. Later!


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