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Wrapping up Web Traffic, Indiahacks Finale, and VLOG_001! | Weekly Report 54

11 Sep 2017 . category: report . Comments
#kaggle #data science #hackathon #vlog

My weekly report from the 4th of September to the 10th of September – A very productive week at Kaggle, not so much at work. Focussed on the mini-goals – journalling and vlogging seem to be quite helpful, keeping myself accountable.

With a couple days left in the Web Traffic competition, i’m calling it curtains – currently working on its blog. I wasn’t at a very respectable position in the Stage 1 Leaderboard, will have to wait and watch for the final standings. I figured out a major bug in my pipeline, induced by a very “noob” shallow copy/deep copy mistake. When will i rise above these noob practices! Also, tried out some FE ideas, not very successful. Submitted my final submission with the new Stage 2 dataset – the scores will be calculated in real-time, based on how the future unfolds!

I attended the Indiahacks ML Finale at Taj Vivanta, ‘twas a 18-hour hackathon! Fought pretty hard, also live blogged, up until 4 in the morning. My competitors were too strong though, i couldn’t rank within the Top 10 in the private leaderboard. Slightly disheartened, but i should remember that i’m just a newbie in this game. A lot of my competitors were experienced data scientists and top kagglers. If nothing, i should be taking inspiration from the champs, there’s a lot to learn, a lot to do!

At work, post my one-on-one, we realized that we might have to take a more deeper look at the SegSort problem! The current clustering results weren’t satisfactory, and we believe we might have figured out why – The initial Louvain clusters were created in a biased manner(intra-ArticleType), in turn affecting our clustering, we couldn’t capture inter-cluster relationships. Gotta devote more time to it, this is a beautiful research problem!

Kicked off my weekly film-making experiment, “The Weekly Uploads” with a Manifesto-ish vlog, was a lot of fun! Keeping up with a weekly regularity is gonna be tough, but it’s committed now – Love it! Learning editing on Davinci Resolve, also dabbled a bit with color grading.

Came across a quote, resonated with me perfectly – “Its not that you dont have motivation. You just dont have the intention!” This is probably why a lot of my projects don’t see the light of day – The weekly vlog mandate has just established that intention :)

The runs have been consistent as usual, no let-ups so far. Went for a tennis session, even recorded a set on my GoPro – Watching yourself play gives you a lot of insights into how you can improve, need to push up my body language on-court! Running Satara in six days, boy am i psyched – will be carrying my skateboard too!

That’s it folks. Later!


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