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Beginning Zillow, hitting the gym and a 50km cycle ride! | Weekly Report 56

24 Sep 2017 . category: report . Comments
#kaggle #data science #myntra #fitness

My weekly report from the 18th of September to the 24th of September – satisfyingly productive at work, not so much at Kaggle.

I’ve just begun the Zillow challenge on Kaggle – with just around three weeks to competition deadline, this is GO time! Was reading up on top kernels/discussions, and got started with exploration. I put out my data blog on the WTF competition, felt good! i’ve secured a Top 30% finish after one week of scoring in the competition, hopeful that a similar position is maintained. Spent the major part of my Saturday reading up on others’ approaches to the WTF competition – i simply feel ashamed at the limits of my efforts and hard work compared to the top achievers. Humbling!

At work, i’ve made good progress on my project – my pace is still not good, but i’m learning and getting used to the process. We have a subset of users to run A/B tests on, with their user segments defined – ran my first Map-Reduce job, that too in Java! i’m also being exposed to new problems(RTO), and the discussions revolving around feature-engg are very exciting. Participating in project-level decisions is a lot of fun too, which problem to solve, how do we go about it, pitting the benefits against the limitations!

I spent the better part of three weeknights editing the Satara Marathon vlog, editing is a hell lot of work! Have also shot decent footage for the Cubbon docu-vlog, hope it turns out to be a good one!

As promised, i’ve started gymming post-marathon! Its only been a couple of days, and that too without a concrete training plan. Starting the new week with a trainer, will focus on strengthening my legs and abs – the ultimate aim is to run faster and longer!

Running is currently stalled, i felt the familiar nagging runners’ knee pain when i tried to run a kilometre. Should rest my knees and strengthen my legs, for a month at least. Went for a nice swim with my GoPro – underwater footage is amazingly clear! Also did a 50KM ride on my btwin to Cubbon Park and back!

Will be going on a trip to Hampi later this week, new travel vlog! Yay! Should be a lot of fun :)

That’s it folks! Later.


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