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Minimal progress at kaggle, work, getting regular at the gym, and a weekend trip to Hampi! | Weekly Report 57

02 Oct 2017 . category: report . Comments
#kaggle #data science #myntra #fitness #travel #vlog

My weekly report from the 25th of September to the 1st of October – another busy, but not productive week! Ended the week with a kickass trip to Hampi, the sleepiest town i’ve been to!

In the Zillow competition on Kaggle, i built up a working pipeline based off starter scripts – put in an initial submission. I’ve got a hang of the problem, have multiple ideas to test, and only a couple weeks to go! Should up the game :)

At work, we’ve been developing the segmented sort order(modifying the older codebase on general sort) – i’ve begun to realize the importance of code understandibility and maintenance! Currently stuck in some bottlenecks, should be sorted within the next week.

I put in four consecutive days at the gym this week, and its been a new experience for me! It has definitely put me out of my comfort zone, but the post-workout high is worth the effort! I’m at a decently good level when it comes to running, and i’d started serious running only a year back. I’d be more than happy with my fitness levels if i can sustain my workouts and runs for a year now!

I put in a couple nights editing the Cubbon docu-vlog, here it is!

I spent three days in Hampi, an ancient town now famous for its ruins and a very un-Indian hippy culture! Spent the major parts of our trip visiting the ruins, temples, lakes and having good food. I sneaked in a nice 10K run along the rock mountains too! It was a really fun trip, another of those perspective-openers for me! Its all on my GoPro, psyched to edit the vlog over the week.

With September behind us, i’d like to share a productivity technique that helped me! My microjournalling consistency had been falling behind, which is a habit central to my productivity. To keep myself in check, i made a September calendar on my whiteboard, and crossed the day only if i’d journalled in. The act of crossing it out, and the calendar staring in your face were enough for me to put in those 10 minutes. Everyday :)

Post-Hampi, i’ve been thinking about a slight sense of complacency settling in with respect to my goals in data science. I’ll be taking up bigger, more consuming data projects soon. Gotta up the bar!

Okay, that’s it folks. Later!


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