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Busy at work, no progress at Kaggle | Weekly Report 58

09 Oct 2017 . category: report . Comments
#data science #myntra #vlog #fitness

My weekly report from the 2nd of October to the 8th of October – a rather busy week at work, but haven’t been focussed on making my weeknights productive lately.

Deadlines make me productive – Casey Neistat

At work, i’ve been learning and building on my project at my pace, slowly. “First week of October” was the deadline for segmented sort, and i’ve managed to get my first cut ready – with our hypotheses confirmed. I’ve become comfortable with managing the Java codebase, running MR jobs and iterating over my algorithm. Put in a couple of long evenings at work too! We should launch an A/B test on the first cut sometime this week, hopefully :)

My upcoming projects are really exciting – using MLR(Learning to Rank) algorithms to develop our sort order, and taking a dab at the RTO(return to origin) problem. New problems, will be start work on them by this week :)

I have spent zero time on Kaggle this week, no weeknights spent on personal projects. Clearly not where i wanna be.

I spent two whole days editing the Hampi vlog, this was a massive project! Striving to be a better storyteller. Every week.

Don’t have a clear idea of my next movie, will have to come up with an idea asap! Probably a book review blog on Rafael Nadal’s biograhy – provided i complete it!

On the fitness front, i put in three days of gymming this week. i shouldn’t be taking off-days, especially in the early stages! Put in a short blissful 4k run on Saturday, not putting a lot of strain on my knees. Worth mentioning, the audio coached workouts on Nike Run Club are really motivating! Give it a try if you’re just getting into running.

Yeah, that’s it! Later :)


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