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Diwali at home, beginning fast.ai and completing Flowers for Algernon | Weekly Report 60

23 Oct 2017 . category: report . Comments
#data science #books #fitness #bombay #vlog

My weekly report from the 16th of October to the 22nd of October – a slow week spent in Bombay, Diwali was sweet! Got going on some of my todos, and back on a regular running schedule :)

I’ve begun the “Fast.ai” course, am gonna pursue it seriously for the next couple of months. Currently got all the setup done and through with the first week’s coursework. Lots to learn, gotta keep at it!

I finished the book “Flowers for Algernon”, a true classic! Was left with a shallow void by the end of the book – it takes you through a roller-coaster of perspectives. Gonna do a book review vlog on it soon. I’ve currently picked up Bill Gates’ “The Road Ahead” – its turning out to be an interesting read, going back to Gates’ views about the Internet back in ‘95!

I put in a half-assed effort at this week’s vlog, i shouldn’t be slacking off! There wasn’t a lot of shooting or editing involved, but my mind was trying to come up with a good script the whole week, not really satisfied with it though.

I put in four runs this week, finishing off with a strong 10K on Saturday. Feel confident about my fitness, have registered for the Kaveri Trail Marathon. Its almost a month away, gotta rev up on my runs – totally psyched! I’ll have to balance by gym sessions with at least 3 runs every week – will figure out a plan!

Getting back to work after a long week off. Lots on my plate, excited! That’s it folks! Later.


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