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Working full-time on the RTO problem, and a weekend trip to Hyderabad | Weekly Report 61

30 Oct 2017 . category: report . Comments
#data science #myntra #vlog #fitness #travel #hyderabad

My weekly report from the 23rd of October to the 29th of October – a productive week at work, no progress in kaggle. Yet again :/

At work, i picked up the problem of RTO(Return to Origin) in the context of e-commerce deliveries. Its a very interesting problem, i’m through with a preliminary pipeline and a predictive model to get things rolling. Interacting with Product Managers and other stakeholders has been insightful, a good learning experience. I might also sit in some customer calls to gain domain understanding of the problem. Still a long way to go before we hit production, gotta keep working on it!

Sadly no progress on the Fast.ai course, i should be prioritizing it. The flow is broken, just need to get back in the groove. Not able to scrape out time for kaggle too. Slowly but surely i’ll get there.

My weekly vlog was a review vlog on Mumbai’s airport lounge – had a lot of fun shooting and editing this one! Have a look :)

Based on some sound advice, i’ve come up with a “Run + Strength Training” program – 2 bodyweight training workouts, 3 runs and 2 rest days. Have also come up with a diet to keep up with my protein requirements. The plans are in, just gotta execute! Got a new pair of Asics – now running feels like flying :)

I sneaked in a short 2-day trip to Hyderabad and crashed at Sodhi’s place! Had a really fun time, i saw CharMinar, the Chaumahalla palace and the Golconda Fort. Also went to a trampoline park – was an insane experience! This week’s vlog’s gonna be crazy ;)

That’s it folks. Later!


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