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Feature engg in RTO | Prioritization is key | Weekly Report 62

06 Nov 2017 . category: report . Comments
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My weekly report from the 30th of October to the 5th of November – another busy workweek and a lazy weekend.

At work, we’ve been brainstorming and executing on the RTO problem iteratively. Attended a meet on planning the business-side usecases of our model, and also went through some real-life customer stories to gain context. We realized that data won’t be strong enough to predict all the uncertainities that lie in a human-to-human business!

On the technical front, we’ve been coming up with ideas and features, and building my pipeline accordingly. Its not very modular and pretty, gotta get the codebase in good shape. We’ve now decided to focus our model’s efforts only on the usecases that we can predict(frauds, high-risk pincodes, bad customers etc). I haven’t been documentating my work, will devote a good time chunk for that soon. We’re aiming this weekend to get a decent model up and running, a presentable pipeline to get things rolling!

Taking out time for personal projects, courses and kaggle is turning out to be really tough. Prioritization is key. Should focus on slotting time chunks for my ToDos!

I put out my Hyderabad weekend vlog too, getting a decent response. Have a look!

Have been going strong on the fitness front – Put in a couple runs, and a couple bodyweight workouts. Had a couple niggles, a shin splint and tailbone pain – manageable though. The protein diet plan is also coming along well, gotta keep at it!

That’s it folks. Later!


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