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An almost V1-ready RTO model, running the KTM, and beginning Deep Work | Weekly Report 65

27 Nov 2017 . category: report . Comments
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My weekly report from the 20th of November to the 26th of November – a strong workweek ending with a travel-run weekend, loving it :)

At work, we’re slowly moving towards a productionized model, very naive in terms of its results though. Getting the pipeline ready is of the utmost importance, the model will be iterated over and over! We might have to compromise on our precision-recall for V1.

We discovered another leakage in our model when we figured out how big a factor recency plays in the data. A big question arose – How far back in the past should i take my training window? A lot of experiments still waiting in the queue – What should be the final stacker’s configuration, optimal parameters in the individual models, how much are we willing to give up on accuracy in returns of training time. I figured out some stupid latencies i’d introduced in my feature engineering pipeline, the end-to-end process is much faster now. A lot to do, this week’s gonna be big!

This Saturday, i run the Kaveri Trail half-marathon in 01:55:17, a decent timing, could’ve done better! I did a big positive split, should’ve held up in the first half – humidity sapped me away in the last 5k. i run, but i don’t run smart. The route was beautiful though, the post-run dip in Kaveri was bliss :)

I decided to spend the rest of the weekend in Mysore-Srirangapatna, made a mini-trip out of my run. Visited the Mysore market in the night, even watched some street plays in Kannada. Didn’t understand a thing. Roamed around the small town of Srirangapatna on Sunday, spent the afternoon reading under a tree in Tipu Sultan’s summer palace! Nice little getaway!

Another solo trip where i went full introspection mode – i don’t feel content, ever. i’m always comparing myself, feeling jealous of social media posts, always. Even when i’m out travelling, doing what i wanna be doing, i don’t feel fulfilled. Something’s amiss. This shouldn’t mean i stop what i’m doing, there’s a difference between being productive and being fulfilled. You can only be fulfilled if you’re productive. Its a stepping stone, hopefully.

This week’s vlog is delayed, have decided to edit and push the KTM vlog within a couple of days.

I’ve started reading “Deep Work” by Cal Newport, almost 60% through. Its a great read, reminds me of the distracted work life i’m living. I’m going to make ammends to my routine, will make a vlog about it this week! Stay tuned :)

That’s it. Later!


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