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Productionizing the RTO model, starting squash and editing two vlogs in a week! | Weekly Report 66

03 Dec 2017 . category: report . Comments
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My weekly report from the 27th of November to the 3rd of December – a fulfilling week. Didn’t while away my time, going strong.

At work, my RTO project has been seeing some management-level changes – the focus has shifted from “Customer Experience” to “Supply Chain Operations” now. This is a bit of a setback becuase it changes the way we’ve been structuring our approach, but on the positive side it lets me experience another side of the business! Business-level demands have changed, and we need to adapt. On the technical side, i’ve been busy writing a driver script for making my feature-engg+modeling entirely automated. I’ve already exceeded the time limits i’d set for myself, should wrap it up soon. Came across some very real-life problems in our pipeline – Getting very biased data for recent days as RTO is generally a lagged metric, will have to account for all these issues.

As recent historical data suggests, i haven’t been able to scrape in time for personal DS projects. This has been worrying me, as i haven’t been aligning my efforts with long-term goals lately. With all the vlog editing and book reading i’m trying, its very tough to keep up. The only way out is to shutdown work earlier in the night, and sneak in a couple hours everyday. Will practice Deep Work in the afternoons to go for this ‘fixed schedule productivity’ routine.

I put out my KTM vlog earlier this week, felt good :)

I finished with “Deep Work” this Saturday, currently in the midst of editing my book review vlog on it. It has been a great read, one which will mostlikely induce a lot of changes in my work habits :) “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell up next.

On the fitness front, staying strong. Have registered for the Hampi and Auroville half-marathon, both up in a couple months time! I have my running plans figured out, might have to take some rest this week – first-time IT Band pain :( Have planned to up my game in bodyweight training, have to research this bit.

I began playing squash earlier this week, went for a couple sessions – had a lot of fun! Its much more strategic than tennis, or so i feel. Probably, my brain is on autopilot during tennis, and squash is new for me. Anyways, will try to cram in a couple squash and skateboarding sessions this week :)

That’s it folks. Later!


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