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RTO Wave 2 begins | i visit Delhi, Bombay and go down with diarrhoea | Weekly Report 67

10 Dec 2017 . category: report . Comments
#data science #myntra #travel #delhi #bombay

My weekly report from the 4th of December to the 10th of December – a rather unproductive week as i fell ill and took the weekend off for travel. Currently writing this blog from a hotel room in Bombay, attending the reception in a couple hours as my friends doze off :p

At work, my model is up and ready for Version 1 – i’ve run into some server issues on deploy(memory leaks) though. Should get it up working on a scheduler soon, but more importantly i’m back to making the model better! I can devote time to feature engineering, figuring out feature correlations, fill all the missing holes in my model. I have a new team member onboard on the RTO project(even gave my life’s first KT!), will be exciting :) I had the option to pass this project and move on, but i feel i can contribute more, don’t want to leave it halfway through.

I believe the joy of finishing what one has begun is underrated.

I finished the edit on my “Deep Work” movie, my first proper explainer video – many more to come!

Owing to my resolve to go deep during my workday, i’ve gone off email and slack as much as i can. Trying to get in contiguous hours of work in the afternoon. Just being conscious of distractions makes you much more likely to avoid them – at work my mobile faces down, and i try not to type facebook in my browser anymore.

I went out for one skateboarding session, was a lot of fun. I could see myself in the state of flow as i practiced the quarterpipes and drop-ins. Even fell a couple times. I’m getting better though, its all mental, a switch i need to hit. Gotta build the myelin around those nerves! Will scrape in another session this week.

Midway through the week, i went down with diarrhoea – had to scrape through a couple of very boring unproductive sick days. I hate it. To the core. Can’t do much, feel better now. Even the runs took a hit because of my very upset stomach, just got in one short speed run.

This Friday, i left for Delhi to attend a marriage in the family, felt good. Delhi’s cold, and cough polluted! Spent a day at home too, and now a day and a half with my first-year gang! Reflecting on the “contentment” thing again, gotta chill the fuck down, and live the moment. i’m obsessed about everyone else, obsessed about tomorrow, and i don’t know how to fix it.

Anyways, that’s it! Later folks :)


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