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Fixing so many issues in my RTO code, editing away in the nights and visiting the Blossom Book House! | Weekly Report 68

18 Dec 2017 . category: report . Comments
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My weekly report from the 11th of December to the 17th of December – super-productive at work and home, got a lot of shit done. Feels good.

Everything takes twice as long as you think it will!

I can’t agree more! My work and ToDos on the RTO project never seem to end, as new bugs/issues keep coming up in my codebase. I spent a day and a half figuring out memory constraints on an ubuntu server, finally got it working with a swapfile and lesser data. Had to run an experiment to determine how much should the “lesser” data mean – how long of a rolling window should i consider for my training dataset. Chugging along slowly with other small, but important issues.

Another feature we implemented was that of an explanation of our prediction – In any data science model, we predict that an event X will happen or not, but we can’t always pinpoint to why X will happen. This is super-important if you look at the business side of things, making your model actionable! A python package called ‘ELI5’(short for Explain like i’m 5!) does just this – they’ve abstracted their package to on top of any sklearn predictive model. Now we can specify quantitatively as to why a certain order(online shopping order) is going to be returned , which makes life much easier for the Operations/Customer Experience teams. A must-have package in every data scientist’s toolkit!

For the last couple of days, i’ve been a little preoccupied thinking about future plans, whether i should go for higher studies or continue on the self-learning path. I realized i need more context, have been researching a bit, lots more to figure out. Should take a decision soon.

I was busy editing the vlog for the large part of my weeknights, staying up till 4 on a couple days too! I just don’t get bored doing it ;) Here, have a look.

This week, i hit all run/workout goals. Put in a 11K in Cubbon Park earlier today, in addition to 40K cycle ride! i even went for a session of skateboarding, squash and tennis each. Gonna up the frequency on skateboarding and tennis – make use of those rest days! Met a couple of pros in the skatepark, i was devastated looking at my skills compared to them. They were practicing for an international competition coming up this week, i was heavily inspired :)

Post my run, i headed to the Blossom Book House – my second favorite place in Bangalore(after Cubbon, obviously!). Got a nice stack lined up for the next couple months – very excited about Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris! i see Tim Ferris, i buy :) Expect a bookhouse review vlog too.

Lately i’ve been loving the process. But still there’s a lot of downtime which has to be eliminated. 247365. Always. Forever.


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