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Moving back to Segmented Sort, attending a lot of meetings and a Sunday Bangalore Darshan | Weekly Report 71

08 Jan 2018 . category: report . Comments
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My weekly report from the 1st of January to the 7th of January – first week smashed, 51 more to go!

At work, i’ve moved on to projects in visibility, my original team! The RTO project has been handed over, and after a meet with Product we’re waiting on a Cost-benefit analysis to move forward. Alignment with both Product & Business is immensely important for all Data Science projects, right through all stages, so says our VP!

A couple of months back, we’d halted our experiments on ‘Segmented Sort’ to focus on RTO. Taking it back up in my primary charter – i’m gonna be building algorithms for developing custom sort orders for custom market segments on Myntra’s user base. It is a very exciting problem when it comes to improving the visibility of products – showing a user what he/she wants to see! Currently working on finding appropriate communities in a brand-brand graph, which means brands like Nike, Adidas and brands like UCB, USPA should group separately. This, in turn, will tell me a user’s affinities towards these latent communities. Exciting :)

I attended more meetings than usual. i think meetings have an innate property of sucking time off your calendar like nothing else! You feel like you’re being productive, but in essence you aren’t! I already follow a practice to jot down every meet’s notes in my Evernote, but i need to be more proactive towards making every meeting productive.

This week, i spent quite a lot of time on the KP trek vlog – it has been my biggest edit so far! Color grading 250 clips is no mean feat :p

This weekend, i met up with Vijaykumar, Wachas and Divyansh for a nice Bangalore Darshan(next vlog!) – visited Cubbon, Lalbagh(my next long run!), Tipu Palace and the Bangalore Fort. Also attended a public lecture & panel discussion on “The usefulness of useless knowledge”, a unique perspective on how to value basic research in the society. How should India be looking at improving science education at the grassroots, and how researchers should just follow their passion, to explore.

“Follow your passion. It’ll soon become your profession”

On the fitness front, i hit all run goals but lagged behind on the workouts. Not acceptable. Went for a couple squash and skate sessions, i can see visible improvements. i’ve registered for AITA, looking to participate in a Bangalore Nationals in Feb. Gotta cram in regular tennis sessions in my schedule. Soon!

I have a big weakness – my financial discipline is absolutely haywire. This week, i invested some time in learning up on various investment practices, getting started is key(Scripbox is awesome!). Everthing else will follow. I’ll be monitoring all sources of expenditure this month, and plan accoringly.

Yeah, that’s that. Later!


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