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Churning Java code at work and an 80K cycle ride to Hosur & back! | Weekly Report 72

15 Jan 2018 . category: report . Comments
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My weekly report from the 8th of January to the 14th of January – not productive at work, not productive at home. Could’ve done a lot better, went through the workweek in a distracted state, not a lot of deep work in.

At work, i divided my time into two domains – the primary one was getting ready for an A/B test(for segmented sort) with new human-curated price bands. Running M/R jobs, getting the engineering right and more Java in between! On the longer seg-sort goal, i’m developing community detection algorithms for our brand-brand graph. Wrote a script to automatically find the best parameters to optimize for modularity in the graph(varying minimum edge_weight, number_of_brands, revenue contribution etc). Fun stuff, excited!

I attended a Data Science seminar by our teammates on Influence Functions, a really interesting approach on making black-box ML models more explanatory. We discussed the paper, it was one of the best in ICML ‘17! Got a little overwhelmed with the maths involved, gotta get better at it! I’m up next to present this week, planning to build something on transfer learning. Super-pumped :)

I attended a round-table with our CTO, was pretty insightful in terms of what the leadership thought process is. Data Science and AI is very high on priorities, as is with all tech companies. Separating hype and prioritizing what can be done is a pretty darn tough job! We also bid farewell to my manager – i even made a five-minute crowdsourced farewell-vlog for him, felt good :)

I failed to give time to the Santa Challenge on kaggle, another dead project. i feel terrible.

I spent a day editing the Bangalore Darshan vlog, have a look :)

On the fitness front, going strong with the runs – put in a nice 15K long run! Lagging behind on the workouts again. This week has just been terrible, when i look at it.

This Sunday, i left for a 80KM cycle ride to Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Waking up at 5 was totally worth it. The fog-ride in the morning, strolling around near random lakes, and dancing to “Aiyappa” as we raced back to Bangalore, fun fun fun! A cycle vlog up next ;)

Last week i’d started off with learning up on investments. Aquick update, i’ve finalized on three debt funds and a couple equity funds(for tax savings). Didn’t read the offer documents before investing though :p

That’s it folks! Later.


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