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Working on A-B tests, learning up on Transfer Learning and a restart on Tennis | Weekly Report 73

22 Jan 2018 . category: report . Comments
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My weekly report from the 15th of January to the 21st of January – a highly productive workweek, felt a little out of breath by the weekend!

i’m working my ass off on a couple of A/B tests to improve visibility under the Segmented Sort project. A basic version of the test with hand-crafted price cuts is running live, mixed results so far(probably we needed to consider a bigger test set!). The report mail in the morning has become one of the top things i look forward to everyday!

On a parallel, i’m working on building segments basis latent brand communities and users’ affinities towards them. Came up with fairly intuitive results based on the Louvain community detection algorithm. Working on getting user-community affinities currently, biclustering(or other algos) to follow. Lots to do. Also up-to-date with the documentation on my work, feeling good with the pace of my work.

Shreya and i have been working on the seminar we have to present at the DS All-Hands. We’ve taken up Transfer Learning as our topic, we got pretty tangled in all the math early-on. Trying to make sense of the RNNs and the equations running behind those Prisma filters! I also replicated a part of the famous Neural Storyteller on my machine, have some ideas to take it forward. Excited!

Little update on the books i’m reading – Finished up with “Outliers”. It is crazy interesting to look at the world from Gladwell’s eyes, he bends your mental models in ways you don’t accept. But you have to. His evidence is irrefutable! A must-read if you want to look at success and failure with another pair of eyes. Taking up “Born to Run” up next, plan to finish it by January end.

This week, i put out my Hosur Cycle trip vlog online. I’m starting to push on YouTube marketing from now on, Instagram is gonna become a regular. I’ll also start getting into similar content, put out my two cents. Become a fan to get fans!

Super strong fitness week, hit all goals. Went for one skate session, trying to gain confidence on the drop-in. Just a matter of time, and confidence! Put in a slow-ish 17K run, running the Hampi half-marathon next Sunday. Psyched! Also went for a tennis session this weekend, its one of those activities where i get in the state of flow very easily! Therapeutic! Making tennis more regular from now on, yay!

That’s it guys, later!


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