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Slogging it out at work and upping the Instagram game! | Weekly Report 75

05 Feb 2018 . category: report . Comments
#myntra #data science #transfer learning #vlog #fitness #tennis

My weekly report from the 29th of January to the 4th of February – God, its February already! A productive week, took it a little slow on the weekend.

At work, i’ve been slogging it out at my ‘brand communities framework’ to get sensible user clusters. Had been trying out ALS last week, which didn’t work out so well. Wrote a k-means on user affinity vectors to get the market segments, and also a Java lookup(basically, an API) to fetch the brand probabilities to be shown given a user segment. We are almost ready to roll the A/B test, a few engineering hurdles to get through. Excited for this one!

This weekend, i started work on the paper we’re writing on this project – Went through literature and Myntra’s previous work. Trying to get a feel of what i’m gonna pen down! Slow start, but its gonna be my top priority this week.

This week, Shreya and i presented our seminar on ‘Transfer Learning’, finally! Had a lot of fun preparing for it, and also demo-ing the Neural Storyteller project. Got positive feedback, but i can’t ever figure out how my talk went!

I put out the Hampi Vlog 1, two more in the pipeline. Why is editing so much work :/

Stay tuned for Part 2!

On the fitness front, up-to-date with the runs, fell behind on a workout session. Get back on track! Tennis is becoming a habit, but the game is still terrible. Gotta get going, three weeks to the tournament! i haven’t been skateboarding off-late, should bring it back on the priorities.

Went out for a fun Sunday dinner with a couple IIIT-D friends, then chilled by a random spooky children’s park in HSR. Fun, fun, fun :)



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