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Working on a short paper, playing in Myntralympics, a weekend Pondy trip and breaking my 21K Personal Record | Weekly Report 76

12 Feb 2018 . category: report . Comments
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My weekly report from the 5th of February to the 11th of February – a busy, productive, chaotic, fulfilling week, super grateful for this life.

At work, we launched another iteration of the A/B tests on Segmented Sort leveraging the brand community framework this time. Set up reports cron for the test, no conclusive evidence of an incremental so far. A lot of ideas in the pipeline, gotta execute! Also attended a couple meetings with Revenue and Creative teams on building upon the Brand Community structure.

Alongside the test, i concentrated on writing the first draft of a short paper on Segmented Sort, we’re still exploring on how to set the story up in the abstract and introduction. Writing the abstract might be one of the toughest jobs of a researcher, the mind goes through so many iterations of the same sentence – and you go, “it just doesn’t feel right!” We’re still working on the offline testing, we should be clear with the workplan ahead, at least directionally.

This week, i put out the second part of my 3-part Hampi Vlog series. Edited this one in quite a rush, feels like a good edit though :)

Killed it on the fitness front this week. Broke my personal best in a half-marathon(more on this soon!). Put in the runs, workouts(lagged by one, yet again), and a squash session. I even participated in the Sports Fest organized at Myntra – currently standing at First Position in the Individual Circuit(2K run + 20 pushups + 20 crunches + 250 skips in 12:48!). We’re standing at silver in the Group Circuit, where i did 1200 skippings, the most i’ve ever done! It was a real team effort, felt super strong! Got kicked out of TT doubles in the quarters, meh.

This weekend, i headed to Pondicherry and Auroville with Sikri for the half-marathon. I like hipster places, a lot! While i get off on the pace of the Bombay local trains, it just feels good sitting in a cafe by the Indian Ocean. Auroville is just the perfect community, i might live there for an year or two when i get the luxury of time and money! Walked along the Promenade, explored Auroville & Serenity beach and ran 21 kilometers in 1 hour and 51 minutes :) Broke my Personal Best of 01:53:04 set in Auroville itself last year! The jungle, the fresh air, the trail is very conducive for a focussed run through the village, very happy with my performance. Just hope my knees recover fast enough, gotta get back on the grind again!

That’s it. Later folks :)


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