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A mad workweek | A very chill weekend | Weekly Report 77

19 Feb 2018 . category: report . Comments
#data science #myntra #vlog #fitness

At work, we finally hit a groove with our experiments on Segmented Sort. Post some offline testing on “Average Click Depth”(a business-metric to measure how much a user has to scroll before clicking on a product), we decided to go all-in on a long paper for ICDM(Industrial Conf for Data Mining). 15 pages in a couple days is no mean feat, pulled in some really long days at work. I learnt many nuances that go while writing an academic piece of work, very different from how i pen my blogs. A lot of attention is given to every line in the abstract and introduction, every result has to be verified and reproducable. Had quite a lot of fun, was totally worth it!

The A/B tests are underway, will peek under the hood to investigate broken parts in the engineering pipeline, if any. Getting an algorithm out in production is a lot of effort, so many tests, so many stakeholders.

This week i put out the final episode of the Hampi vlog series, the marathon vlog! i’m getting some share love from Go Heritage Run too, yay!

i’ve started on an experiment, listening to Tim Ferris podcasts on my cycle commute to work and back. They’re genuinely good, i should’ve started this way back! I’m committing myself to learning blockchain from the inside out, reading the white papers and building some simple DAPPs over the next couple of weeks, pumped!

I took it a little easy on the runs this week, recovering from the Auroville Run. Have a half-marathon lined up in a couple months in Bangalore itself, but at a higher priority, i’m planning my road to the Full Marathon in 2019. Gotta devote more time to the gym, more strength endurance! Went for a tennis session, excited for the tournament next weekend :)

This weekend was quite a lazy one, had to recuperate from the sleep deficit badly! I’ll try not to overwork myself through the week, its not worth it. Had Jumbo Tiger Prawns on Sunday night, boy were they jumbo XD

That’s it folks. Later!


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