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Unsupervised ML is hard | i turned 22 | AITA Tournament after 8 years | Weekly Report 78

26 Feb 2018 . category: report . Comments
#myntra #data science #vlog #fitness #tennis #skateboarding

My weekly report from the 19th of February to the 25th of February – not as productive as i’d like to be, but a fun and fulfilling one anyways.

At work, i’ve been working on new clustering techniques to segment users into coherent behavioral clusters. Unsupervised Machine Learning ain’t child’s play! Also spent a couple days reporting and debugging the A/B test pipeline, no major issues found. Back at the drawing board, redoing our affinity computation and segmentation processes.

We withdrew the paper we’d submitted last week, with the promise of writing a better one within the next month. i should be taking more ownership of my project, its a mindset thing – it won’t come overnight, gotta immerse myself into the problem.

Over the past week, i’ve been doing some reading up on Blockchain(BTC & Ethereum white papers). Listened to some podcasts, a TED talk, trying to get a holistic understanding of the crypto ecosystem. i’m still at a very half-baked stage, lots to learn. And ultimately, make something out of it!

This week, i put out my Pondy-Auroville vlog, this one had a lot of good vibes. And killer timelapses! i have a nice vlog idea in my head, translate it into film this week!

I have begun meditation as a daily habit using the Headspace app. i’m not very good at it, my mind wanders quite a lot. Tame it. I feel meditation is a habit that can have a major impact on your day-to-day productivity, for now and years to come!

i turned 22 this Saturday, it was beautiful. i played in a National-level AITA tournament on my birthday(with Aniket) and went out for dinner with Shreya, Dhruv and Sikri. Doing things you love, with people you like – this is how i wanna live everyday.

Going strong on the runs, this month has been perfect so far! i read up on some training plans for Full Marathons, gonna go on slower and longer runs every two weeks. Went out for a skate session, made a new friend, skate more often! Played in AITA, got ousted in the first round 8-2. A terrible show, walked in with zero match practice, and very little mental prep. The ass got kicked real hard. i’m planning to get regular coaching sessions, you won’t get to that level without making tennis a non-negotiable part of your routine.

Okay, yeah! Long one, longer ones to follow :)


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