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Almost there with the SegSort puzzle | Holi weekend in Bombay | Weekly Report 79

05 Mar 2018 . category: report . Comments
#myntra #data science #books #vlog #bombay

My weekly report from the 26th of February to the 4th of March – a strong workweek and a happy Holi weekend at home :)

At work, we ported our A/B test to a subcategory(Men T-shirts) and tweaked some implementation details. Many a times, i was on the point of giving in – the offline tests weren’t encouraging. After some magic and a lot of luck, we might be closer to solving the puzzle, the concept feels so right, just gotta find the right combination of levers to get it working!

I haven’t been consistent on educating myself on Blockchain, not cool. Will change this week.

I finished a classic book on Ultrarunning, “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall this weekend. It is a thriller, it resonated strong with my inner runner. Felt a little choked as i came up to the end of the mega Tarahumara race in the final chapters, running a 42K doesn’t feel all that tough now! I might do a book review vlog on it, “Rework” next on the table.

This week, i put out my birthday vlog – really good feedback received!

I have a story vlog in my head – it has dominated my mindshare for the past day. Super excited! i’ve begun to love the creative process of making these films, no day goes without my mind obsessing over the next video. Only if i had more time, daily vlogs would be a reality ;)

Visited Bombay for an extended weekend over Holi – caught up with friends, good quality time with the family. Its important to get home, feels fulfilling, reminds you of what really matters in life.

On the fitness front, i’ve begun prepping for a 42K by end of year. The current plan is to put in alternate “short” and “long” long runs every weekend, taking it easy, slow and steady. Inspired by the barefoot running community described in “Born to Run”, i took off for a barefoot kilometre this weekend – its way different and way more fun! My current stride is customized for a cushioned shoe, but i can imagine how much faster and easier i can run if i adjust to a barefoot stride! No tennis, squash or skateboard sessions this week, get going this week!

That’s it folks, later :)


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